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Norfolk Cruising

With cruise ship visits due to increase with the 2019/20 cruising season it is timely to look back at the Norfolk Island Tourism Strategic Plan 2013-2023 (still a live document) to see how it all started. At the time there was little to no comment on the document with relation to cruising and increasing visitor numbers. Six years ago the tourism body on island led by Glen Buffet decided it was imperative to increase visitor numbers and that cruise ships was the way forward in this respect. The Australian federal government responded by investing substantial funds into attempting to make that dream a reality.

Excerpts Norfolk Island Strategic Plan 10 YEAR STRATEGY (adopted by NIRC, developed under NILA)

"The Strategic Plan is designed to rebuild the tourism industry framework to provide for a greater level of self reliance by working together to achieve success in five strategic themes 1. Increase visitor numbers arriving by air and cruise ships 2. Provide an environment conducive to investment 3. Seek to provide the best in our visitor experiences 4. Develop sustainability, infrastructure and capacity 5. Build employment capacity and skill within the sector" Glen Buffett General Manager Norfolk Island Government Tourist Bureau-"

"3.2 Opportunities (continued) Cruising The cruise industry offers Norfolk Island a significant opportunity in industry diversification, investment as well as reducing sole reliance on Air travel As outlined in the ACIL Tasman Norfolk Island Economic Development Report: “Norfolk Island is well situated to serve as the first stop on Pacific Island cruises originating from both New Zealand and the East Coast of Australia.” For this reason, Carnival Cruise Lines, the largest cruise operator in the region, have indicated that they would like to schedule Norfolk Island as a regular cruise stop destination. The cruise industry is well placed to be implemented with appropriate investment. A progression for this market would need to include assessments, infrastructure development and potentially private and public investment "

A positive move towards Norfolk Island's sustainable future with lots of local consultation and plenty of time for buy in. It couldn't have had a better outcome in our opinion.

Pictured: Cruise ship tenders supplied by Australian government to Norfolk Island to assist with unloading cruise ship passengers.

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