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Freedom Of Movement

If you have an Australian passport then you are allowed to move freely anywhere in the country. There are no separate immigration regimes anywhere in the country other than the national one. Of course there are planning and quarantine controls between some states and of course there should be but a basic human right is freedom of movement. Norfolk islanders hold Australian passports from birth and can move freely anywhere in the country they wish. They can buy property and work anywhere but it hasn't always been the case that Australians could move freely to Norfolk island. Since July 2016 that has changed and all Australians can work and live on the island. There are currently no population controls in place and that is a conversation our regional council will have with the Federal Government as Norfolk is a place with limited resources. But any changes or restrictions will be planning ones, not restrictions based on where you were born or who you are related to.

We will repeat it because it is worth repeating that freedom of movement is a basic human right. To restrict it based on race, creed, colour or religion is wrong and the old biased system had to be changed to fit into these liberal democratic principles.

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