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Time for an autocorrect

It is said that marketing is simply problem solving and if that is true then what problems can Norfolk island solve for today's society. We think tech addiction is a great example of how #NorfolkIsland can help. A get back to nature getaway is a great way to put some distance between ourselves and our phones, laptops etc and "reboot" ourselves to help gain a little more perspective on our own situations.

There would be no forced removal of devices or cold turkey addiction withdrawals only a gradual desire to use them less as the closeness and majesty of nature take you back to a time when other things were more important. A conversation, laughter, just sitting and enjoying the view. This in itself is a form of mindfulness. A way for us to be in the present, not thinking about who to share things with but to just enjoy where we are in the moment. Sounds pretty good doesn't it? So come on over and give it a try in just over two hours your mind could be clear and your worries will feel like they are a lifetime away.

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