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Did You Know?

Norfolk Island sits between the two countries who have the most aging populations. 26.3% of Japan's population is aged over 65 years and for Italy it is 22.4%. According to the 2016 Australian Census results, Norfolk Island has 23.8% of the population aged 65 years and over. That is nearly a quarter of the permanent population who now have access to Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (since July 2016). Who now have the protection of Medicare to assist them with referrals off island and doctor visits when needed. In the worst case scenario emergency medical evacuation costs are covered also. Pensions, social services, Anglicare, Aged Care Pensions, Meals on Wheels, Hospital upgrades, In home care and more. With a secure safety net of health services guaranteed our older folk can get on with enjoying their quality of life like never before.

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