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Why should you consider Norfolk Island as your new home?

Imagine a place where homes are left unlocked, you leave the car keys in the ignition while you shop, children walk to and from school, and people roam without fear at night.

Imagine a place where people share their excess, and where honesty boxes are still one of the ways you pay for fruit and vegetables.

Imagine a place that has some of the freshest air on Earth, and an atmosphere that is so clear the stars appear to be just out of reach.

Imagine a place that is clean, free from graffiti, and where gawdy signage, high rise, and parking meters do not blot the landscape.

Imagine a place where you can live on a cliff top property, or up in the bush, and still be only 10 minutes from anywhere.

Imagine a place where you can be involved in the community, or as private as you want to be.

Imagine a place that is stunningly beautiful with rolling hills, spectacular coastline, and the bluest and most abundant of oceans, that you can enjoy in a sub-tropical climate that is never too hot or cold.

Imagine a place where the main beach is protected by reef, and is only crowded when our school kids compete in their annual swimming carnival.

Imagine a place that has a quality K-12 school, a hospital, and an international airport connecting it to Australia and NZ.

Imagine a place where there are many sporting and music options, regular events, and a wide variety of clubs and attractions.

Imagine a place with bushwalks amongst iconic and natural treasures of Norfolk Island pine and lush rainforest, with sea vistas forever.

Imagine a place that caters for the inner you – specialty shops, yoga classes – that you can follow up with massage, spa, or facials, and more.

Imagine a place where the concept of ‘paddock to plate’ for fresh produce is a way of life.

Imagine a place with an eclectic choice in cafes and restaurants serving international cuisine using food that tastes like food should.

Imagine a place where cafes and bakeries tempt you with daily creations, and local and world-branded coffees abound.

Imagine a place with less regulation and bureaucracy. Where there are many opportunities for worthwhile endeavour. Home-based to suit your lifestyle. Art. Professional services. Fly in fly out knowing your family is safe. Retail or in niche tourism. eCommerce. Or just enjoy your retirement.

Imagine no more. Live on Norfolk Island. Safe. Relaxed. Welcoming. Uncomplicated. Complete.

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