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The Health Report

The Norfolk island hospital project continues with repaving of driveways and refurbishment of kitchens and outbuildings. The kitchen has now reopened with fresh food supplied to patients and staff. There are 12 recipients of Meals on Wheels on Norfolk and this has again resumed after a brief spell to re-tweek its provision. The number of beds for aged care recipients has increased from 9 to 12 due to the availability of some space no longer in use.

Our understanding is that the surgery is not in use because it was outdated and no surgeon could be enticed to the island. In fact when the last GP/Surgeon retired the previous Norfolk Government advertised the position for 2 years at a cost in excess of $50 000 dollars without a single applicant. Therefore the Commonwealth department made the decision to medi-vac people who needed it and utilise the space for other things.

Norfolk Island also has a full dental surgery and an excellent physiotherapy centre. Anglicare now have a presence on island and they provide family and relationship services, children and parenting support as well as emergency relief services. The Norfolk ambulance service is still operated entirely by volunteers.

The Norfolk Island Health Services plan by KPMG can be accessed here

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