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Your Lazy Website

First of all I have to ask a stupid question. This question is for the seller, the business person, the artist, the poet, the activist. I say stupid because an answer in the negative is unimaginable to me. Here is the question. Do you have a website? Pheww, ok that's out of the way. Simple question but it never ceases to amaze me how many people don't take advantage of this most important resource for getting their information out to the world. Today it has never been easier to build a website with little or even no experience. It can cost as little as $150/year. Cheack out

But a website isn't enough. Once it is built and you have to promote it. Google Adwords is the most effective way to do this but Bing Ads is catching up as the number of people using a mobile device as their primary source of information is increasing . This takes a bit more expertise but you can definitely learn how on your own. It just takes time and patience and of course $$. You should be spending on average $10 per day. More isn't always better as keywords are the main ingredient here. Get yourself a Google account and have a go it is fun and it makes you feel you are really making a difference.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the next step and is a little more involved and complicated. If you wish to tke this step I would advise contracting an external firm to take care of this for you as it is very time consuming and the potential to cause damage to your sites reputation online is possible. A company can cost you up to $800/month. In a short time your organic (non-paid) reach online will increase and when certain keywords are entered into the Google or Bing search bar by a potential customer, yours is the site they will see often on the first search page. Some businesses use either pay per click or SEO exclusively but we would advise a mix of the two.

Social media is next. You don't need to be active across the board, start with Facebook and a blog. Google loves both and using both of these will help your customers find your online presence. It is also a great way to engage with people and have a conversation where a lot of sales are made. Become a destination expert and post on Trip Advisor and other travel sites and your customers will seek out the information you provide.

Because we are a remote destination our digital presence is our shopfront and without one you are not competing in changing customer environment. Get help if you need to but getting started is the key and before you know it your email inbox will be full of leads.

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