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Myth: Norfolk Island is no longer a Duty Free destination since gaining a Regional Council in 2016. Fact: Norfolk Island is still a Duty Free destination and nothing has changed in that respect. The Department in charge of the governance reform process listened to the concerns of retailers on island and have secured this outcome for the future benefit of tourism. This includes alcohol sales at less than duty free prices.

Myth: Norfolk Island can no longer attend the Commonwealth Games as a separate entity since the reform began. Fact: Norfolk Island is still able to field teams at the Commonwealth Games under its own flag.

Myth: The new Pier project undertaken by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development will be of no benefit to Norfolk island. Fact: Shipping agents on island have ascertained that the completed project will increase the likelihood of unloading a passenger or container ship by up to 40%. Currently the chances of a cruise ship being unable to unload its passengers is very high due to the open nature of the seas surrounding the Norfolk pier. With the extension, strengthening and heightening of the pier and the addition of a much larger crane the chances are increased dramatically. Of course it is always the captain's call but if barges located on island are utilised instead of the ships life boats then the chances increase dramatically. This infrastructure improvement by the Department will secure Norfolk's tourism future and provide job security and surety to all islanders.

Myth: Passenger flights from New Zealand will cease forever in June. Fact: Although Air New Zealand will cease its passenger service from Auckland in June, Norfolk Island Airlines (local operator) will be offering flights from Brisbane and New Zealand in July and will also be carrying freight. This is similar to the operations on Christmas Island where a charter operator operates weekly flights to KL on top of regular underwritten flights by Virgin.

We will be busting more myths in the near future.

Cascade Pier Project. Completion October 2017.

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