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Did You Know??

Did you know that if you are receiving unemployment benefits that it is against the law to relocate to a place with lesser population or higher unemployment rates than where you currently reside? Also did you know that after 6 months of unemployment (in some cases less) you must work for the dole, generally in a community or charitable organisation. Rules around habitual unemployment are constantly being tightened and worked on.

Norfolk Island will never be inundated with "dole bludgers'. All unemployment benefits might do on Norfolk is to stop mass migration of workers off the island if/when there is downturn. This is what we saw in 2008-2014. With no safety net hundreds left the island looking for work in Australia.This only exacerbated the economic problem on Norfolk at the time.

So the next time somebody tries this one on you tell them they are wrong and tell them to thank their lucky stars that unemployment benefits are now available on Norfolk. Maybe now if you are out of work, you can afford a trip to the grocery store...just one, mind.

Another myth busted by B+

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