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Help Save One of the Worlds Rarest Birds

The following is taken direct from the Norfolk Island National Parks Fund Raising Page:

Hi there!

I'm writing because we have three months.

That's how long we have to transfer 30 fledgling Norfolk Island green parrots to nearby Phillip Island. We need your support to raise the $77,000 to get this done.

By moving the fledgling birds we'll be able to provide them with a suitable site as a new home.

This must be done between March and May this year when the birds are at the right age. Old enough to survive the relocation but young enough to adapt to the new environment. Park rangers are on standby to do it - but we need your help!

The Norfolk Island green parrot is one of the world's rarest birds.

Four years ago we recorded less then 100 green parrots after cats and black rats almost wiped them out.

Cat trapping, rat baiting and reducing nesting competition helped arrest their decline. Then 80 predator-proof nest sites boosted survival rates for green parrot chicks.

Now the numbers are back up to 350-400 parrots. Urgent action saved the Norfolk Island green parrot. Now with your help we can secure its future.

Lots of prizes and gifts for each donation. The time to act is NOW

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