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Career Opportunities: Executive Level 2 - Executive Officer to the Administrator of Norfolk Island (

About the Business Section:

The Australian Government, through the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, is responsible for the management of the Commonwealth’s interests in its territories including Norfolk Island.

The Office of the Administrator

The Office of the Administrator is a small Commonwealth funded statutory office located on Norfolk Island. The Office is established by the Norfolk Island Administrator Ordinance 2016 (Cth), which is a law made under the Norfolk Island Act 1979 (Cth).

The Administrator is the representative of the responsible Commonwealth Minister and the Australian Government in the Territory and fulfils various official, ceremonial and civic duties. The Administrator has a number of prescribed powers and responsibilities under legislation and some delegated decision making powers from the Commonwealth Minister.

The Administrator provides a regular channel of communication between the Commonwealth and the Norfolk Island Regional Council and between Norfolk Island residents and Commonwealth Ministers and agencies.

The Administrator exercises various powers and functions conferred under Territory laws – including the review of decisions. These powers and functions include matters relating to land, planning, companies’ administration, statutory appointments, disaster and emergency management, importation of dangerous drugs, licensing and registrations relating to various functions such as liquor importation etc.

The Office consists of 6 permanent and casual office, household and outdoor staff.

About the Position:

The Executive Officer is an employee of the Department and a member of the Australian Public Service. The Executive Officer supports the Administrator in the performance of his or her duties.

The Executive Officer is the principal adviser to the Administrator and is the manager of the Office of the Administrator and the household of the Administrator. The Executive Officer is responsible for providing overall management and staff support (official, domestic, personal) to the Administrator and his or her spouse, their immediate family and guests, and for maintaining Government House, Norfolk Island.

The duties of the Executive Officer are to:

  • Prepare and manage the Administrator’s official correspondence, including the scrutiny and preparation of legal instruments.

  • Advise on and assist with the discharge of the Administrator’s powers and functions under Norfolk Island laws and in accordance with relevant Commonwealth Minister’s delegations.

  • Provide advice to the Administrator on a wide range of matters relating to the duties and functions of the Office, including ensuring substantive detailed advice and support is obtained for the Administrator as required.

  • Represent the Administrator in dealings with the Norfolk Island Regional Council, other stakeholders and interest groups to ensure the Administrator is able to exercise his or her statutory powers and responsibilities appropriately and to meet all official, ceremonial and civic duties.

  • Ensure all protocol and ceremonial requirements of the Administrator and Government House are fulfilled.

  • Act as the principal contact for (and coordinate and provide advice on) the Administrator’s official program and for official events and programs for visiting dignitaries and other official visitors to the Territory.

  • Manage the staff and resources of the Office of the Administrator, including the management of procurement and budgets and contract, temporary and casual staff.

  • Manage the Department’s agreement with the Norfolk Island Regional Council for the delivery of state-type services.

  • Manage the Department’s property portfolio on Norfolk Island, including the interests of tenants occupying heritage listed houses, in consultation with the Commonwealth Heritage Manager.

  • Ensure the appropriate management and maintenance of the grounds and assets of the Office and of Government House.

  • Provide advice to, and liaise with, Commonwealth agencies and officials in consultation on Territory related issues and with Territory stakeholders and interest groups.

  • Provide advice on the Administrator’s Crown land management responsibilities including the administration of public reserves and Crown leases and licences.

  • Provide a point of contact and advice for Territory officials and residents seeking advice on Australian Government programs and services

The Executive Officer is expected to work with a high level of independence and autonomy and have highly developed administrative and management skills. Experience in working with complex legislation and/or in administrative decision making is highly desirable.

The Executive Officer also regularly works (and is on call) outside normal working hours and is expected to live in Quality Row, adjacent to the grounds of Government House. The residence is provided at reasonable rental to the Executive Officer and certain running costs are met from the Office’s budget. A fully maintained motor vehicle is provided for official use.

Employment is conditional on the preferred applicant obtaining clearances appropriate for appointment to a remote locality posting in the Australian Public Service.

Application instructions: All applications must be submitted through the online application system prior to the closing date.

Vacancies will be extended in exceptional circumstances only. Applicants requesting an extension must contact the Contact Officer 48 hours prior to the vacancy closing time and date.

Eligibility - Employment with the Department of Infrastructure is subject to conditions prescribed within the Public Service Act 1999.

Citizenship – To be eligible for employment with Infrastructure, applicants must be an Australian Citizen. Only in exceptional circumstances can this requirement be waived.

Health Assessment – The preferred applicant may be required to undergo a medical examination conducted by the Department’s preferred medical provider.

Security Clearance – The preferred applicant will be required to successfully undergo the security clearance vetting process at a specified clearance level. The preferred applicant MUST be willing to disclose all relevant and required information.

The preferred applicant MUST have lived in Australia, or have a checkable background, for at least the preceding;

  • Five years for BASELINE clearances, or

  • Ten Years for NEGATIVE VETTING 1/ NEGATIVE VETTING 2 clearances

Note: The security clearance level required for this position can be found on the top of the position details.

More information on the security clearance vetting process is available on the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA) website.

Please note: The word limit for each criterion response is set out below. This is inclusive of dot points under each of the criterion. Text that is included over the word limit will not be assessed.

Selection Criteria:

Please provide a combined response for selection criteria 1-5 addressing the following criteria. Please limit your response to 1500 words (10000 characters which includes symbols).

Selection Criteria 1: Cultivates Productive Working Relationships

This encapsulates teamwork, respect for your colleagues, and nurturing all your internal and external working relationships, facilitating cooperation and partnership, valuing individual differences and diversity and guiding and mentoring people.

Selection Criteria 2: Communicates With Influence

This emphasises the importance of excellence in communication – both oral and written – with all your internal and external stakeholders, colleagues and clients. The ability to negotiate persuasively and listen, understand and adapt to the audience.

Selection Criteria 3: Achieves Results

This is about your commitment to working towards the delivery of outcomes and your ability to develop innovative ways of contributing to the Department’s organisational needs and marshalling expertise. It is also about how you deal with and implement change and deal with uncertainty.

Selection Criteria 4: Exemplifies Personal Drive and Integrity

This is about pushing yourself to achieve your work goals whilst maintaining the absolute integrity that is expected of us all. Integrity emphasises the importance of ethical behaviour in the workplace, upholding the APS Values and Code of Conduct, and the application of the merit principle in decision-making. It is also about how you engage with risk and show personal courage and resilience.

Selection Criteria 5: Shapes Strategic Thinking

This is about focussing strategically and harnessing information and opportunities in your work. This criterion examines your judgement, intelligence and common sense.

Selection Criteria 6: Demonstrates Skills and Expertise

Please address selection criteria 6 to a maximum of 500 words. (3500 characters which includes symbols).

This is about your demonstrated ability to work with people in remote and culturally diverse environments. It is also about your experience with Commonwealth processes including submissions to Government, procurement, and contract and project management. Experience in working with complex legislation and/or in administrative decision making is highly desirable


Under section 22(8) of the Public Service Act 1999, employees must be Australian citizens to be engaged in the APS unless the Agency delegate has agreed, in writing. Applicants are to indicate their citizenship when applying online. The successful applicant will need to hold or obtain a security clearance BEFORE commencement. Loss of a security clearance at any time will lead to termination of employment.

How to apply

  • If you have NOT registered with our Online Application System, you can begin your Application by clicking the 'Apply' button.

  • If you are unsure if you have registered before, or you have forgotten your logon details, go to the Sign in page and follow the step

The Department is committed to the accessibility of our systems. If you find accessibility limitations in our systems, please contact and an alternative application format will be provided to you.

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