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Roadworks Ahead!

Driving down Queen Elizabeth Drive towards the Channers Corner intersection of Taylor's Road, it can sometimes feel like you are re-entering the earth's atmosphere.."We're coming in hot!" i yell to my passengers as they bounce beside and behind me like popcorn kernels in a microwave. "Brace for landing!!" They groan as they've heard it all before and we brake and slow for the Road Works Ahead signs. The 50km/h speed limit is high for the poor condition of the road and I wonder how long it will be before one of my tyres flies off or a couple of side panels are left behind.

Hang on a minute! Road Works Ahead signs, do your ears and eyes deceive you? That's right the Channers Corner intersection and Taylor's Rd is receiving a makeover, complete with new road surface, curb and channelling (how 21st century!) and pedestrian footpaths. Maybe even some lighting. Already people are making use of the new footpath from the centre of town up to the corner. It's not all complete but we have movement and activity and it is very exciting. Retaining walls have gone in outside Fletcher Christian, I am sure amazing everybody who sees "The Great Wall". They even used cinder blocks. WTH!

It's called infrastructure. Improvements to everyday and banal things that we all take for granted but are imperative for us to conduct our days in safety and security. The money spent creates work and industry and people are busy. Confidence increases as this industry must be good for the island right? Damn right it is.

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