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Norfolk Island's Cascade Pier

$13 million upgrade to Norfolk Island's Cascade Pier



31 March 2016

Waterway Construction has been selected as the successful tenderer to construct the $13 million upgrade of Cascade Pier on Norfolk Island.

Minister for Major Projects, Territories and Local Government Paul Fletcher said Waterway Constructions are specialists in the construction and refurbishment of maritime structures and will bring an experienced construction and engineering team to Norfolk Island to deliver this vital infrastructure.

“Importantly, the company is committed to using local businesses for supply of materials and to hiring local people to work on the project where practical,” Mr Fletcher said.

“Waterway's competitive pricing has allowed the Australian Government to commit to lengthen the pier by an extra 3 metres, bringing the total length of the extension to 24 metres.

“This extension will enable the loading and unloading of cruise ship passengers and freight to occur more safely and under a wider range of weather and sea conditions.”

Mr Fletcher said the refurbishment will also include the installation of a boom dock hydraulic crane to facilitate the future unloading of cargo.

“Additional funding will be provided for the construction of customised barges to service the new pier,” he said.

“Once the project is complete, nominated members of the Norfolk Island community and regional council staff will receive training in the safe and effective operation of the hydraulic crane.

“The Cascade Pier project will deliver great benefits to Norfolk Islanders, although inevitably there will be disruption to the normal operations of the pier during construction.

“Waterway Constructions and my Department will consult with port users with a view to minimising disruptions so vital freight deliveries occur, scheduled cruise ship arrivals are accommodated and the impacts to commercial fishing operations are contained. Norfolk Island residents will be kept closely informed on the progress of construction.”

Works on the Cascade Pier extension upgrade will commence in late May 2016 and be complete by late 2017.

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