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HMS Sirius Visits Norfolk

A little cloudy today for the arrival of the HMAS Sirius Navy ship to‪#‎norfolkisland‬, her adopted home port. Welcome to the Captain and crew, we hope you enjoy your short visit. Sirius shares a significant historical bond with Norfolk Island dating back to 1790 when HMS Sirius, the flagship of the First Fleet, was sent on a special mission to Norfolk Island by the Governor of New South Wales, and subsequently ran aground on the island. Photo shows the ship anchored at Kingston and a photo shared from Norfolk Island Museum FB page: Curator of the museums Janelle Blucher with guests from the ship visiting the HMS Sirius museum. This museum houses significant artefacts salvaged from the wreck site at Kingston. ‪#‎Sirius‬ ‪#‎maritimehistory‬ ‪#‎navy‬ ‪#‎firstfleet‬

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