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New Business Ideas. It's Up To YOU!

Now...we haven't looked into the insurance aspects of the following tours/businesses but believe they are all relatively cost effective propositions.

Car / Scooter Hire: There is always a large demand for rental vehicles with most tourists taking a car with their holiday package. More and more accommodation properties are moving towards using car hire companies as opposed to keeping their own vehicles which can be inefficient. There is currently no dedicated scooter or motor bike hire company on island. Not sure why, but it would be a great business for someone to start and the island really lends itself to this mode of transport being easily navigable and small.

Segeway Tours: These are the personal travel vehicles that look like they are loads of fun. Guess what? They are. We have a fantastic flat area around the convict ruins that incorporates sealed roads and soft shoulder areas where people can get a feel for 'off road' Segewaying. We also have a motivated Government who are looking for ways to improve the financial outlook for our World Heritage area by utilising the space I more commercial ways. ** Pine tree Tours have just brought in a number of these vehicles and you can hire them now!

Outdoor Cinema: The cost of projectors has come down and they are more powerful than ever. Also there are plenty of internal areas and outdoor spaces where walls and seating could be used. As with any business there are set up costs, but an outdoor cinema can be started for as little as two to three thousand dollars. This is something Xmas Island does well.

Shark Cage: This is an idea that has been touted before but would be pretty simple to set up. Sharks are free.

Snorkel and beach hire equipment Believe it or not we have one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia and noone is hiring any gear to our 5-600 tourists a week. The beach is your office and everyone is out for a good time. What more could you ask?

Shuttle bus/Taxi There is only one taxi on the island at the moment and no public transport which leaves the door wide open for this type of business

B&B: With the rise of AirBnB it's never been easier to rent out a bedroom or two. There are some planning requirements on island but nothing too serious.

These are just a few ideas. Norfolk really is the world of opportunity It's up to you to get in on the ground floor.

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